How To Use This Toolkit?

Small Business Owner

Community Leaders

Through engaging with this resource, we want community members to feel confident in their knowledge and understanding of Parliament and interacting with their local representatives.

Some ways you can use this toolkit are:

  • Share this toolkit on your local faith or cultural group’s social media page, Whatsapp group, newsletter or website.
  • Use the suggested social media posts we have written to help educate your network on how to engage with their local MP
  • Organise a meeting with your local faith or cultural group where you can watch the video together and discuss what you’ve learned

Electorate Offices

By sharing this toolkit among your electorate, we hope to demystify common misconceptions community members may have about the role their local MP plays, and how they can be supported with the issues they may face.

Some ways you can use this toolkit are:

  • Share this toolkit on your website and across your social media channels. Use the suggested social media copy we’ve put together to create your posts
  • Share this toolkit with local faith and cultural community groups and organisations you already have connections with, or use it as a way to reach out to new ones
  • Consider hosting an ‘Ask an MP’ online or in-person session in partnership with Parliament of Victoria where you can screen the video and answer questions from the community
  • Print off and display the poster in a prominent spot in your office


If you prefer to watch the video in another language, please find non-English versions here:

You, Me and MPs – Arabic
You, Me and MPs – Burmese
You, Me and MPs – Chinese (Simplified)
You, Me and MPs – Chinese (Traditional)
You, Me and MPs – Falam Chin
You, Me and MPs – Farsi
You, Me and MPs – Hakha Chin
You, Me and MPs – Karen
You, Me and MPs – Vietnamese
You, Me and MPs – Zomi

The Engaging Communities in Democracy Project is a partnership project between Eastern Community Legal Centre and Parliament of Victoria. The project is indebted to community leaders who have generously shared their knowledge, expertise and lived-experiences of accessing and participating in the parliamentary system. It is hoped that the co-design and rigorous feedback loop undertaken during the development of this Toolkit will ensure it is useful and impactful for community members, electorate officers and MPs.

The Advisory Committee is made up of representatives from the following communities and organisations; Chin Community Victoria, Bohri Dawoodi Muslim faith group, Bahai Assembly, Zorastrian faith group, Hindu faith group, Indiancare, Bounce refugee mentoring program, Chinese Health Foundation, Zomi community, Whitehorse Interfaith Network, Maroondah Interfaith Network, Manningham Interfaith Network and Boroondara Interfaith Network.